When we set out to help artists, we had no idea the disarray the music industry was experiencing.  It's difficult for new up and coming artists to get started without a recording contract deal, and older artists don't get the time of day from the music industry.  The labels and the industry only want the new, young, hot, up and coming artists. 

We started The Digital Fan (TDF), not necessarily to be everything to all artists but to offer an honest, real recording platform where artists could develop three areas to help them produce their art, create offers, and market their talent.

TDF has formed partnerships to create:

  • Community Crowdfunding to raise money for:
    • Recording and Production
    • Branding and Marketing
  • e-Commerce Print on Demand (POD) Merchandising which you'll find here in our TDF store.
  • Auction and Memorabilia services

We believe forming an 'all in one' community of Fans who surround and support the artist in return for a small royalty.  It's a Fan driven platform connecting the Fans to the Artists.

We are convinced we are creating a new music industry that will be the way of the future.