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Jason Juranek has been a multifaceted Professional Fine Artist specializing in photo- and hyper-realism genres of painting since 2012. Photo-realism is a style of art where the artist attempts to reproduce a photograph as realistically as possible into a painting. Hyper-realism goes deeper and captures the authentic mood making the hyper-realistic painting subject more real. 

Jason has gained international attention for his ability to bring art to life. His expertise and painting multiple subject matter have opened the opportunity for him to work with a large arena of clients from personal collectors, business owners, to museums. Jason is set to release his 1st edition art collectors book titled World Art by Jason Juranek in early 2020.


Any Size, Surface, or Design

Jason Juranek is a multifaceted Professional Fine Artist who specializes in hyper-realism but is highly skilled in all genres and types of Fine Art Painting.  His services include commissioned art, mural works, and fine art restoration.  If you can think it, he can paint it!  Please send your info below and Jason will contact you directly to discuss project details.